OpenSIPS 2.3 Stable: The Last Hurdle Before the Amsterdam Summit

Monitor_1352x983Great news for everyone in the VoIP community: we have just released OpenSIPS 2.3.0 stable!

This release is a follow-up of over a month full of testing and taking care of issues reported through the mailing lists, GitHub tracker and IRC. Over 150 fix-commits were backported into OpenSIPS 2.3, leading to what we now consider to be a stable, production-ready SIP server. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who got involved in this phase and helped make OpenSIPS better!

Nevertheless, this release is only a sip of what’s to come, as the 2017 OpenSIPS Summit is almost here. Not only it will be the biggest one so far, but its true value lies in the plethora of VoIP areas that it will reach – this event is more than OpenSIPS and SIP.

The Summit will bring together experts from all VoIP related areas:

  • WebRTC – Jitsi, Mediasoup, Janus
  • SoftSwitches – OpenSIPS, Sippy, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk
  • Capturing & RTP – Homer, RTPProxy
  • Billing – CGRateS


See you next week,

the OpenSIPS team

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