Clustering Presence Services with OpenSIPS 2.4

OpenSIPS 2.4 is all about clustering and SIP presence is an important service that delivers a large variety of functionalities like end-to-end user presence, BLF, SLA and more. We need to consider clustering for presence as much as presence is a service with a large appetite for storage and processing - presence is mainly about … Continue reading Clustering Presence Services with OpenSIPS 2.4

Clustering ongoing calls with OpenSIPS 2.4

Dialog replication in OpenSIPS has been around since version 1.10, when it became clear that sharing real-time data through a database is no longer feasible in a large VoIP platform. Further steps in this direction have been made in 2.2, with the advent of the clusterer module, which manages OpenSIPS instances and their inter-communication. But have we … Continue reading Clustering ongoing calls with OpenSIPS 2.4

Full Anycast support in OpenSIPS 2.4

The advantages of doing Load Balancing and High Availability without any particular requirements from the clients side are starting to make Anycast IPs more and more appealing in the VoIP world. But are you actually using the best out of it? This article describes how you can use OpenSIPS 2.4 to make the best use of … Continue reading Full Anycast support in OpenSIPS 2.4

The new Clustering Engine of OpenSIPS 2.4

Before even thinking of building clustering support for high level services like User Location, Dialog Tracking or SIP Presence, it is mandatory to have in place a powerful and flexible clustering engine. Such an engine will become the reliable foundation  for approaching more complex clustering scenarios. And this is what we did in OpenSIPS 2.4 … Continue reading The new Clustering Engine of OpenSIPS 2.4

Two training sessions, two projects, one event – OpenSIPS Summit 2018

The OpenSIPS Summit 2018 is hosting in Amsterdam two different training sessions, dedicated to two different VoIP projects - an official OpenSIPS training and an official FreeSWITCH training. Yes, that is correct and it is a premiere - an official and certified FreeSWITCH training taking place for the first time in Europe! So, this year, … Continue reading Two training sessions, two projects, one event – OpenSIPS Summit 2018

FreeSWITCH Integration Video

Over at FreeSWITCH, as an open-source multimedia software, we rely on our community for support. We like to foster that support by producing resources for our community. Whether it is FreeSWITCH tutorials, ClueCon Weekly Conference calls, or the ClueCon Community conference, giving to the community has always been important to us. We are always excited … Continue reading FreeSWITCH Integration Video

Introducing OpenSIPS 2.4

One more year, one more evolution cycle, one more OpenSIPS major release. So let me introduce you the upcoming OpenSIPS 2.4 . For the OpenSIPS 2.4 release we decided to focus on the clustering abilities. Today's VoIP world is getting more and more dynamic, services are moving into Clouds and more and more flexibility is … Continue reading Introducing OpenSIPS 2.4

OpenSIPS Summit 2018

Next Stop May 1-4, 2018 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Join fellow VoIP & RTC experts, developers and users from all over the world for 3+1 days of talks, inspiring presentations, amazing demos and trainings about OpenSIPS and the Open Source ecosystem (FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, Homer, Janus, Jitsi, CGRates and many more) Some Great Reasons to Attend Learn … Continue reading OpenSIPS Summit 2018