FreeSWITCH Integration Video

Over at FreeSWITCH, as an open-source multimedia software, we rely on our community for support. We like to foster that support by producing resources for our community. Whether it is FreeSWITCH tutorials, ClueCon Weekly Conference calls, or the ClueCon Community conference, giving to the community has always been important to us. We are always excited … Continue reading FreeSWITCH Integration Video

OpenSIPS @ ClueCon 2017 – Training and more

As in each of the past 10 years, we will be attending (and sponsoring) ClueCon 2k17. Thanks to the wonderful organizer of this event, we will gather in Chicago among fellow VoIP enthusiasts and put our shoulders to the wheel in pushing things forward. After all, making things better (and learning about them) is the main … Continue reading OpenSIPS @ ClueCon 2017 – Training and more

OpenSIPS 2.3 Stable: The Last Hurdle Before the Amsterdam Summit

Great news for everyone in the VoIP community: we have just released OpenSIPS 2.3.0 stable! This release is a follow-up of over a month full of testing and taking care of issues reported through the mailing lists, GitHub tracker and IRC. Over 150 fix-commits were backported into OpenSIPS 2.3, leading to what we now consider to be … Continue reading OpenSIPS 2.3 Stable: The Last Hurdle Before the Amsterdam Summit

FreeSWITCH-driven routing in OpenSIPS 2.3

SIP setups where OpenSIPS acts as a front-end for a farm of class 5 servers are becoming increasingly popular. Such architectures combine the best of both worlds: robust and optimized handling of SIP signaling with feature-rich class 5 softswitches. This way of integrating open-source projects has lead to a unique opportunity for our team, along with the FreeSWITCH team, to … Continue reading FreeSWITCH-driven routing in OpenSIPS 2.3

Introducing OpenSIPS 2.3

A new year has arrived, so it is the time for a new OpenSIPS major release - for OpenSIPS version 2.3 . For this version, the main focus on development is the "integration", the integration of OpenSIPS with various external entities. Why is integration so important to end up being the main tag of a major … Continue reading Introducing OpenSIPS 2.3