Be part of OpenSIPS Summit 2019

There are approximately 4 months left to the OpenSIPS Summit 2019 in Amsterdam and we are full steam ahead with getting everything in place. One of the last milestone (before getting into straight line) was to open the registration process. So, we welcome everyone, participants, speakers and sponsors to join us and to be part … Continue reading Be part of OpenSIPS Summit 2019

Two training sessions, two projects, one event – OpenSIPS Summit 2018

The OpenSIPS Summit 2018 is hosting in Amsterdam two different training sessions, dedicated to two different VoIP projects - an official OpenSIPS training and an official FreeSWITCH training. Yes, that is correct and it is a premiere - an official and certified FreeSWITCH training taking place for the first time in Europe! So, this year, … Continue reading Two training sessions, two projects, one event – OpenSIPS Summit 2018

OpenSIPS Summit 2018

Next Stop May 1-4, 2018 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Join fellow VoIP & RTC experts, developers and users from all over the world for 3+1 days of talks, inspiring presentations, amazing demos and trainings about OpenSIPS and the Open Source ecosystem (FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, Homer, Janus, Jitsi, CGRates and many more) Some Great Reasons to Attend Learn … Continue reading OpenSIPS Summit 2018

Learning OpenSIPS

One of the interesting aspects of the project is that we care about training since the beginning.  We released the first OpenSER book in April 2008, followed by the OpenSIPS book in 2010 and the latest Building Telephony System with OpenSIPS 2nd edition in 2016.  I'm glad the books received  good reviews at Amazon and … Continue reading Learning OpenSIPS