Audio Recording and Speech Detection Experiments with OpenSIPS

What are our users really talking about all the time? Let's find out! RTPEngine is a proxy for RTP traffic and other UDP based media for VoIP and webRTC., meant to be used in OpenSIPS and other proxies as a drop-in replacement for rtpproxy with many advanced features, including: webRTC support as ICE and SRTP Bridging … Continue reading Audio Recording and Speech Detection Experiments with OpenSIPS

How To Script Advanced FreeSWITCH Integrations with OpenSIPS 2.4

Happy New Year 2018! In this follow-up article, we're going to take a look at a major feature that Santa merged into the OpenSIPS development branch, just about a couple of days before Christmas: a series of advanced FreeSWITCH integration capabilities. It is now possible to fully control FreeSWITCH within the OpenSIPS script. This is … Continue reading How To Script Advanced FreeSWITCH Integrations with OpenSIPS 2.4

FreeSWITCH Integration Video

Over at FreeSWITCH, as an open-source multimedia software, we rely on our community for support. We like to foster that support by producing resources for our community. Whether it is FreeSWITCH tutorials, ClueCon Weekly Conference calls, or the ClueCon Community conference, giving to the community has always been important to us. We are always excited … Continue reading FreeSWITCH Integration Video

Deep Dive into the OpenSIPS Statistics Support

Whether you are a seasoned OpenSIPS administrator or you are still trying to figure out why your ACKs are looping all over your network, one thing is for certain: all of us will sooner or later need to have OpenSIPS produce some numbers which will answer questions such as: how many minutes has my OpenSIPS … Continue reading Deep Dive into the OpenSIPS Statistics Support

Call Recording in OpenSIPS 2.4 using SIPREC

The ability to record the calls that go through your platform is gradually shifting from being a feature to being a necessity. Whether you run a call center and you need it to monitor your agents' activity,  to comply with your countries laws, or simply to improve your services, you need a recording solution that … Continue reading Call Recording in OpenSIPS 2.4 using SIPREC

Running OpenSIPS in the Cloud

Cloud computing is a more and more viable option for running and providing SIP services. The question is how compatible are the SIP services with the Cloud environment ? So let's have a look at this compatibility from the most sensitive (for SIP protocol) perspective - the IP network topology. A large number of existing … Continue reading Running OpenSIPS in the Cloud

OpenSIPS as HEP Proxy/Switch

  As many already know, the HEP (or EEP) extensible encapsulation protocol is the glue of the SIPCAPTURE ecosystem and HOMER project. Natively supported by leading Open-Source VoIP and RTC platforms, HEP is used to safely freeze, mirror and transfer packets and protocols between HEP capture clients and HEP capture servers for monitoring, troubleshooting, technical/business analytics and much more. Thanks … Continue reading OpenSIPS as HEP Proxy/Switch

Troubleshooting OpenSIPS script

What makes OpenSIPS such an attractive and powerful SIP solutions is its high level of programmability, thanks to its C-like configuration script. But once you get into the "programming" area, you will automatically need tools and skills for troubleshooting. So here there are some some tips and tools you can use in OpenSIPS for "debugging" … Continue reading Troubleshooting OpenSIPS script

How To Use Database “Partitions” in OpenSIPS

Intro Inside the OpenSIPS bubble, the notion of a "partition" was first introduced in OpenSIPS 2.1, roughly around March 2015. But what exactly are they and how do we use them? In short, they allow a single OpenSIPS module to be able to work with data from multiple database sources. In other words, in OpenSIPS terminology, a … Continue reading How To Use Database “Partitions” in OpenSIPS