Introducing OpenSIPS 2.4

One more year, one more evolution cycle, one more OpenSIPS major release. So let me introduce you the upcoming OpenSIPS 2.4 . For the OpenSIPS 2.4 release we decided to focus on the clustering abilities. Today's VoIP world is getting more and more dynamic, services are moving into Clouds and more and more flexibility is … Continue reading Introducing OpenSIPS 2.4

Hunting Down Complex OpenSIPS Bugs in Production Environments

Three key principles have guided the development of OpenSIPS since its very beginnings: performance, flexibility and modularity. The resulting codebase and feature set all reflect this statement: multiple process management, shared memory, async I/O, module APIs, optimized code, etc. While these are trivial to use and benefit from once everything is nice and working, not … Continue reading Hunting Down Complex OpenSIPS Bugs in Production Environments

RabbitMQ evolution with OpenSIPS 2.3

RabbitMQ is a powerful and widely used tool for message queuing integrations. And the usage of such a tool requires a more flexible support from OpenSIPS. Let's see what 2.3 has to offer when comes to RabbitMQ based integration. RabbitMQ is an open source message queuing/broker server, used by applications to publish messages on one side and consume them on the other … Continue reading RabbitMQ evolution with OpenSIPS 2.3

Real-time billing using OpenSIPS 2.3 and CGRateS

SIP without billing is like a dinner without a good wine. While OpenSIPS does a great job for SIP, it often needs a billing partner to work with. CGRateS is an open-source rating engine used for carrier-grade, multi-tenant, real-time billing. It is able to do both postpaid and prepaid rating for multiple concurrent sessions with different balance units (eg: Monetary, … Continue reading Real-time billing using OpenSIPS 2.3 and CGRateS

Introducing OpenSIPS 2.3

A new year has arrived, so it is the time for a new OpenSIPS major release - for OpenSIPS version 2.3 . For this version, the main focus on development is the "integration", the integration of OpenSIPS with various external entities. Why is integration so important to end up being the main tag of a major … Continue reading Introducing OpenSIPS 2.3