FreeSWITCH Integration Video

Over at FreeSWITCH, as an open-source multimedia software, we rely on our community for support. We like to foster that support by producing resources for our community. Whether it is FreeSWITCH tutorials, ClueCon Weekly Conference calls, or the ClueCon Community conference, giving to the community has always been important to us. We are always excited … Continue reading FreeSWITCH Integration Video

OpenSIPS Summit 2017: sponsors and more speakers

Since the last week announcement, the list of presenters for the OpenSIPS 2017 Summit got even larger, adding new valuable speakers like David Duffett (Digium Inc.),  Norman Brandinger (Vonage) , David Casem and Jason Craft (Telnyx) and Peter Kelly (Sourcevox Ltd). Let's give them warm welcomes to OpenSIPS 2017 Summit, May 2-5 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in … Continue reading OpenSIPS Summit 2017: sponsors and more speakers

Introducing OpenSIPS 2.3

A new year has arrived, so it is the time for a new OpenSIPS major release - for OpenSIPS version 2.3 . For this version, the main focus on development is the "integration", the integration of OpenSIPS with various external entities. Why is integration so important to end up being the main tag of a major … Continue reading Introducing OpenSIPS 2.3