OpenSIPS as HEP Proxy/Switch

  As many already know, the HEP (or EEP) extensible encapsulation protocol is the glue of the SIPCAPTURE ecosystem and HOMER project. Natively supported by leading Open-Source VoIP and RTC platforms, HEP is used to safely freeze, mirror and transfer packets and protocols between HEP capture clients and HEP capture servers for monitoring, troubleshooting, technical/business analytics and much more. Thanks … Continue reading OpenSIPS as HEP Proxy/Switch

Capturing beyond SIP or capturing with Homer 6

Data capturing is vital for operating and troubleshooting SIP platforms. While capturing the SIP and RT(C)P traffic is essential, it is far from sufficient. The SIP platforms are far from being SIP engines only - there is a lot of non-SIP data, related to provisioning,  to backends or  integration (with other subsystem) or related to … Continue reading Capturing beyond SIP or capturing with Homer 6