OpenSIPS Summit 2017 – Amsterdam

We are glad to announce the 2017 OpenSIPS Summit, taking place (again) in Amsterdam. This year’s Event will run for 3 days from May 2-4 followed by a full day of OpenSIPS Advanced Training on May 5th.

On top of our traditional 2 days of sharing and collaborating on interesting topics and workshops, we’ll be adding a 3rd day of activities that will be sure to engulf you into the OpenSIPS ecosystem – Design Clinics and Interactive Demos. As usual, expect to be engaged with an awesome set of speakers from various and interesting companies/institutes across the world who are using OpenSIPS. Some new things we will be introducing this year…

  • Round Tables
  • Focus groups during social events
  • Interactive Demos and Showcases (during the 3rd day)
  • A full day of OpenSIPS Training (limited seats!)

The OpenSIPS Summit caters to both beginners and advanced users. You’ll get an intimate look at native clustering support, enhanced SIP capturing capabilities, Quality Based Routing, VoIP security and many more of the tools available to you in the latest OpenSIPS release. Of course it’s not just about tools, platforms, and engines, you’ll experience real use cases and interesting solutions which are OpenSIPS interconnected.

We are working hard on making this an experience to remember for you. Expect frequent updates as we work on delivering the final schedule (topics and presenters). Anyone that feels they have an interesting topic or use case that would benefit the community is urged to fill out the speaker form located HERE.

Registration will soon be Open! Pre-Register today and be the first one to be booked in.

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3 thoughts on “OpenSIPS Summit 2017 – Amsterdam

  1. The official registration is now open:

    The registration form allow you to select the events you want to take part during the Summit, like the Conference and the OpenSIPS Training.
    Also you can opt in for the side activities like the Round Tables, Design Clinics and Interactive Demos. And even more, you can show interest or suggest topics for these activities.

    Many thanks to the people who pre-registered – your submissions were migrated to full registrations.


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