Introducing OpenSIPS 2.3

A new year has arrived, so it is the time for a new OpenSIPS major release – for OpenSIPS version 2.3 .

For this version, the main focus on development is the “integration”, the integration of OpenSIPS with various external entities. Why is integration so important to end up being the main tag of a major release? Well, everybody in the VoIP world is operating VoIP platforms/systems – and these are more than SIP Engines (as OpenSIPS is). Indeed, the SIP Engine is the core and most important part of the platform, but to build something usable and useful, you need additional components into your platform like CDR/billing engines, monitoring and tracing tools, data backends, non-SIP trunking or more specialized SIP engines. Shortly you need your SIP Engine (OpenSIPS, of course) to be able to easily integrate with all these components.

OpenSIPS 2.3  brings some new and exciting integration capabilities, that will definitely boost the value of your SIP platform:

  • extended Homer/SIPCapture integration to allow capturing of non-SIP data (transport level data, Management Interface commands, REST queries and more);
  • SIP-I support both in terms of passing-through and in terms of converting SIP-I to SIP and vice-versa ;
  • CGRates integration for powerful rating/billing – everything in a simple and automatic way (via a dedicated module);
  • FreeSWITCH flavored Load-Balancing for a more realistic and accurate traffic balancing over FreeSWITCH clusters (as the load information is fetched in realtime from FreeSWITCH);
  • the Event Engine to provide support for scenarios based on Subscribe/Notify model, where the script execution may subscribe and resume later according to certain events (like a dynamic implementation of the Push Notification mechanism);
  • extended RabbitMQ support for custom and flexible data injection directly from OpenSIPS script;
  • extended Asynchronous support for more complex async scenarios (like launch with no wait);
  • more end-device integration (special SIP extensions).


The timeline for OpenSIPS 2.3 is:

  • Beta Release – 13-17 March 2017
  • Stable Release – 24-28 April 2017
  • General Availability – 2nd of May 2017, during OpenSIPS Summit

To talk more about the features of this new release, a public audio conference will be available on 19th of January 2017, 4 pm GMT , thanks to the kind sponsorship of UberConference. Anyone is welcome to join to find out more details or to ask questions about OpenSIPS 2.3 .

This is a public and open conference, so no registration is needed, but if you want to announce your intention to participate, please let us know 🙂


5 thoughts on “Introducing OpenSIPS 2.3

  1. Heads up, the date for the 2.3 major release is set – Thursday 16th of March,….. 2017 of course :).

    There is a tremendous effort do finalize all the work, in terms, of coding, testing, putting together docs, manuals and overviews. A detailed description of all new goodies in 2.3, as well as a list of changes, will be shortly available (before the release) – we are still compiling the commit logs.

    So, finger cross and stay tuned ! Thursday is the day !


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