The “D” Day of the Releases

summer_holiday-wallpaper-960x600Is it a nice day of summer, of summer vacation?

Not at all, it is the “D” Day for Releases, for OpenSIPS related releases.

We are going full steam ahead, having three different releases on the plate for today, three releases for two projects.

OpenSIPS Control Panel 7.2.3

The major release 7.2.3 of OpenSIPS Control Panel is ready, taking its place next to OpenSIPS 2.3, as its Web Provisional Interface / Portal.

Besides aligning the Control Panel tools to the changes in OpenSIPS 2.3 (like for Clusterer, Dialog, Dispatcher and Load Balancer), the OpenSIPS Control Panel 7.2.3 brings also some news:

  • Realtime Validation and Tool Tips for the input forms – this is
    work in progress, not all tools benefit yet, only Clusterer, Dispatcher,
    Domain and Load Balancer)
  • update the postgres support – all queries performed via MDB2 were PGSQL validated
  • drop FIFO and XMLRPC as options for MI connector and support only JSON (mi_json)

To find out more, see the official release announcement or check the official web site.


OpenSIPS 2.2.5 and OpenSIPS 2.3.1

Also we are happy to announce two new minor release for OpenSIPS – versions 2.2.5 and 2.3.1. These new releases bring a series of improvements and important fixes to the core TCP networking layer, as well as to OpenSIPS modules (acc, dialog, clusterer, pua, exec, etc).

Note that OpenSIPS 2.3.1 is the first minor release of the latest 2.3 version released in April 2017, thus it includes a lot of feedback from the “early users” of this branch.

You can find the latest ChangeLog here:

You can get the latest versions from here:

Thank you everyone for the hard work invested in the OpenSIPS project!

3 thoughts on “The “D” Day of the Releases

  1. Bogdan, the EL6 repo index has bad checksums for the 2.2.5 RPMs. Can you please correct this? e.g. primary.xml lists a sha256 of 429b558e… for opensips-2.2.5-1.el6.x86_64.rpm, but the file itself has a checksum of bc57bbe7…


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