logoAs in each of the past 10 years, we will be attending (and sponsoring) ClueCon 2k17. Thanks to the wonderful organizer of this event, we will gather in Chicago among fellow VoIP enthusiasts and put our shoulders to the wheel in pushing things forward. After all, making things better (and learning about them) is the main purpose of ClueCon, isn’t it?

Our presentations

So, this year, we were granted the honor of having two talks at ClueCon:

  • OpenSIPS 2.3, an integration-focused release – having Bogdan Iancu & Razvan Crainea sharing the podium – an overview of the OpenSIPS’s ability to integrate and work together in all possible means with other projects, protocols, systems or concepts. Understanding the integration capabilities of OpenSIPS 2.3 will unveil a powerful tool for building SIP systems;
  • FreeSWITCH-driven routing with OpenSIPS – by Liviu Chircu – how to achieve accurate load balancing and optimal resource usage when routing calls over a cluster of FreeSWITCH servers. The key is to get access to realtime feedback from FreeSWITCH, in order to understand the full load context of it (channels and CPU usage). A live demo will follow the presentation, showing the improvements made to a simulated platform in real time.

Our training

On 11th of August, we will be running the OpenSIPS advanced training or how to use all the tools in the OpenSIPS ecosystem to improve, expand and monitor your FreeSWITCH installations and Telephony platforms .

The training, run by the OpenSIPS core team, features:

  • Registration throttling and aggregation with OpenSIPS acting as a mid-registrar
  • OpenSIPS front-end taking over the traffic authentication and authorization
  • Performing Dynamic and Realtime Balancing over the traffic to the FreeSWITCH servers (with failover)
  • Routing outbound traffic via OpenSIPS for LCR and carrier interfacing
  • Realtime traffic capturing and monitoring with Homer
  • Implementing centralized Presence/BLF support in OpenSIPS front-end

What is new since last year training ? Well, we have added the really cool stuff related to FreeSWITCH like the the mid-registration via OpenSIPS and the FreeSWITCH driven balancing with OpenSIPS. Also some non-routing features made their way into the training, like SIP presence, especially the BLF support.


Looking forward to seeing you all in Chicago at ClueCon, for more fun and more wisdom! So don’t forget to register in time 😉

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