10 years of the OpenSIPS Bootcamp

Bootcamp in Houston, USA, last year

The first OpenSIPS Bootcamp was held in Miami, 10 years ago and the first OpenSIPS Certified Professional was Alex Goulis who took the test in this same training. Since then, many things changed. In this post we are going to cover what is the Bootcamp and why you should also participate of the next edition in Cluj-Napoca from October 22 to 26.

OpenSIPS is not exactly an easy tool.  To use OpenSIPS without knowledge about underlying concepts such as Loose Routing can be dangerous or at minimum sub-optimal.  OpenSIPS uses a scripting language and to learn how to create a good routing script is essential.  The market has also changed, in the past most of the students were ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers).  Now, they are not only ITSPs, but a mix of Cloud providers (PBX in the Cloud, Call Center in the Cloud, VoIP APIs in the cloud), Universities using large open systems and consultants.  The market is changing and the bootcamp has changed too.

According to the students what they want to achieve with OpenSIPS is to build Softswitches, Session Border Controllers, Load Balancers, Hosted PBXs and to support their own operations. The knowledge obtained in the Bootcamp goes straight to these points. In this edition we gave special attention to troubleshooting.

During some time we tried to replicate the same Bootcamp experience online with some success. However, the experience of a real Bootcamp is much, much better. There are three things we can’t replicate online.

Relaxing time after the training

The first one is time commitment from students and instructors, one week without phones ringing (well, maybe the ones of the training), just reserved to teach and to learn.  The second one are Labs. It is very hard to help students with labs from a remote location.  Sometimes, small mistakes causes a lot of frustration. In the Bootcamp we can fix labs ASAP avoiding any frustration, everybody can complete the labs, this our commitment. The third aspect is the networking and the friends we make all over the years.

To main change to the bootcamp was to move basic stuff to the OpenSIPS Quickstart now hosted at Udemy and online.  So, introduction to SIP, installation and the basic scripting are online. This gives us more time for advanced stuff, reducing the concerns of intermediary users.

What are you going to learn on the Bootcamp:

  1. Scripting Language
  2. Routing
  3. Database Integration (SQL and NoSQL)
  4. Routing to the PSTN
  5. Dynamic Dialplans
  6. Dynamic Routing
  7. Advanced Call Flows
  8. Managing Dialogs
  9. Dispatching and Load Balancing
  10. NAT Traversal
  11. Accounting and CDR generation
  12. Clustering and High-Availability
  13. Troubleshooting

The instructors are very knowledgeable of OpenSIPS, Bogdan Andrei Iancu, principal of the OpenSIPS project and Flavio E. Goncalves, the author of the book building telephony systems with OpenSIPS.

There are many reasons to participate in the next Bootcamp, register now and I hope to see you in Cluj-Napoca, Romania for the next edition.

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