10 years of OpenSIPS and more

djm6lqlwsaar4ykTime is flying when you’re having good time. Last week we celebrated 10 year of fun under the name of OpenSIPS. Nevertheless we count almost 17 years of fun under the SER, OpenSER and OpenSIPS names together.

During these years we’ve built a long-lasting relation with the VoIP community and industry – this relation helped us stay connected to the heart-beat of the VoIP world and get valuable ideas and feedback about the community’s needs and expectations when comes to versatile SIP server such as OpenSIPS. The result is a solid project delivering a solid software for building solid solutions and businesses.

Across these years, OpenSIPS kept evolving, both feature wise and architectural wise. The asynchronous support was added, dynamic addition of multiple transport protocols is possible, inter-process communications and internal RPC are now supported. Not to mention the cherry on top , the inter-OpenSIPS binary communication protocol and the native clustering support.

Three months ago the OpenSIPS 2.4, “The cluster maker”, was released – an even more complex version that allows multiple OpenSIPS instances to work together (as a cluster) for redundancy or scalability reasons.

To achieve such great goals we had to put aside the “simplicity” concern – at the end OpenSIPS is a great tool serving complex purposes. There is no way to come up with a simple way of using a sophisticated tool and achieve great things… thus, we do not aim to be simple!

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So what does OpenSIPS aim to be?

Throughout the development of OpenSIPS we constantly take into account the following goals:


Reliable in terms of being predictable, especially when comes to future planing and  release cycles. OpenSIPS is a project you can build future plans on.

Reliable in terms of help / support. Anyone can get help via various channels from the community or professional (and this is not a sales pitch!). Or you can get trained during our OpenSIPS Bootcamp (this is a sales pitch:)).

Reliable as a stable software, with good testing and fixing policies. OpenSIPS is a good software to build your service on top of (and get a good night sleep too).


In terms of development plans – we are not simply piling up features, but everything new we build must logically fit as a piece of a puzzle, to form a consistent big picture. The 2.x had the reactor and transport rework to allow protocol extension; The 2.3 version got the Event Based Routing and Inter Process Communication (based on the reactor) where the IPC open new ways of implementing new functionalities; The 2.4 version addresses all verticals in term of clustering, from transport layer and clustering engine, all the way to the modules that actually share and distribute data and actions.

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This is why we are paying extreme attention to build OpenSIPS in a coherent way, with patience and care, as we want to be sure we build a platform that can grow and be enhanced without any limits in the future.

Industry driven

All development in OpenSIPS is driven by the real needs of peoples using OpenSIPS.

At the end of the day, this is our ultimate goal – to build a reliable software that serves the real needs of the world. And our greatest payback is to see top-class operators, carriers and ITSP’s from across the world putting their services into the hands of OpenSIPS – Thank You!

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