OpenSIPS Summit Distributed 2020- Speakers and Moderators

The Amsterdam event was cancelled. That was a point of resetting the OpenSIPS Summit 2020, as format, speakers, training, as everything,

Moving into online impacted the format and the content of the OpenSIPS Summit. As we tried as much as possible to tailor an event that is easy to attend to, we decided to go for maximum 3 hours per day sessions. The main arguments are:

  • to fit into the reasonable hours for as many timezones as possible
  • to disrupt people’s daily schedule (work & family) as less as possible

In the same time, as many other conferences also moved into online, it is much easier for participants to reach to content (as there are no traveling constraints). The content floats easier over Internet, being shared/overlapping with several conferences. So, the events must be as original as possible, in order to keep their identity over the “online” ocean.

Having these two main aspects in mind (the format and the identity), the OpenSIPS Summit Distributed 2020 will excessively focus on OpenSIPS (and OpenSIPS related) topics. This will allow to efficiently use the time format in order to do what the OpenSIPS Summit was started for: to introduce OpenSIPS to people and business, to share OpenSIPS knowledge with the community.

Another novelty of the OpenSIPS Summit Distributed 2020 is the usage of a team of moderators, a group of remarkable people from the OpenSIPS, SIP and RTC communities. They will be the beating heart of the event, challenging the presenter in front of the audience with ad-hoc questions, ideas or debates around the presented topic. Our moderators are to be the prosecutor, the defense, the jury and the judge for the presented content.

While the moderators will make OpenSIPS Summit Distributed 2020 an event as interactive and dynamic as possible, the originality of it (focusing on OpenSIPS) will come with a new, different policy with regards to selecting/inviting speakers and presentations – “OpenSIPS is the one that matters”.

After all the OpenSIPS Summit is an event dedicated to OpenSIPS project and its community, so our goal is to deliver OpenSIPS top quality content for our audience.

Do not forget, the OpenSIPS Summit Distributed 2020 will be followed by:

  • technical workshops, on Monday, 14th of September
  • OpenSIPS training, on Tuesday, 15th of September
  • interoperability testing, 14th – 15th of September

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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