OpenSIPS Summit 2020, Distributed

On 18th on March we took the difficult decision to postpone the OpenSIPS Summit 2020 for September, waiting for better times. Well, things did not evolve in a way to allow any kind of safe conferencing for 2020. At least not from our point of view.

So, bye-bye Amsterdam, welcome Online – yes, the OpenSIPS Summit 2020 will become the OpenSIPS Summit Distributed 2020, a replacement online event.

While it will not aim to be an online-copy of the real event, the main features of the OpenSIPS Summit Distributed 2020 are:

  • it will be mainly be focused on the new OpenSIPS 3.1 release
  • a 3 hours per day, 5 days event
  • free live presentation and demos
  • high level of interaction with the audience
  • a team of moderators to spice up the presentations
  • side channels for brainstorming, follow-ups

So, the OpenSIPS Summit Distributed 2020 aims to be a very dynamic event, with live presentations and a high level of interaction between participants. The event is built around a team of moderators, a group of remarkable people from the OpenSIPS, SIP and RTC communities. They will be the beating heart of the event, challenging the presenter in front of the audience with ad-hoc questions, ideas or debates around the presented topic – a kind of round table with the solely purpose of getting the best out of the presentations.

The participation to the event is free (the conferencing side) and does not even require registration – you can simply follow us on one of the media channels (like YouTube). Nevertheless, we encourage people to register in order to participate to our raffle and win one of the OpenSIPS T-shirts, Summit 2020 limited edition. Also other prizes and gadgets will be ready for you, thanks to our sponsors.

In terms of timing, we decided to allocate 3 hours per day, for a full week. A 3 hours slot is easy for most of the people to allocate, considering how complex our lives are now, working from home and taking care of kids. We picked the 3pm-6pm GMT interval trying to time-friendly we as many timezones as possible – after all we are a “distributed” event, right?

In a matter of days will upload the speakers and presentations. Also the registration process will be activated, so you join us in the OpenSIPS Summit 2020 arena!

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