OpenSIPS calendar for 2021

We all do plans in advance and the most helpful thing here is to know what to expect, what to rely on, what upcoming events are.

Well, we want to help all the OpenSIPS’ers and share with you the 2021 calendar for OpenSIPS project, with the most relevant events.

OpenSIPS Releases

The 3.2 OpenSIPS major release (beta version) is planed to happen in the first half of May 2021. Here are some details about what will be covered in this release.

This will be an LTS release. The stable release is usually expected +2 months after the beta release.

OpenSIPS Training

The next OpenSIPS Bootcamp training is schedules to take place during the 17th – 28th of May 2021 , in the cloud, of course.

The training will still be based on OpenSIPS version 3.1 LTS, consisting of ten days (40 hours) intensive and practical training, covering installation, configuration and administration on OpenSIPS.

The registration will be open starting tomorrow (31st of March) here.

OpenSIPS Summit 2021

The OpenSIPS Summit Distributed 2021 is targeting 6th -10th of September for the conferencing sessions and the following week for the Workshops, Training and other related activities.

The format will be similar to the 2021 event, still we are looking to option to improve the attendants experience.

In the next weeks we will start the Call For Papers and the (free) registration to the event, so stay tuned!

OpenSIPS Security Audit

This year we are planing for an external/third-party audit for OpenSIPS. This tremendous task will be undertaken by Sandro Gauci’s team from EnableSecurity.

The security audit and pen testing will cover two main areas:

  • testing (fuzzing) the SIP stack for hunting down any crashes, miss-behaviors or exploits that may be done via malformed / malicious SIP traffic
  • security testing focus on the critical parts of the code, like authentication engine and logic in OpenSIPS

We are actively working to nail down a Statement of Work for this project, so we can have it started as soon as possible. The costs for this task are to be covered via crowdfunding and corporate donations – more to come ones the SoW is in place.

This is our main 2021 plan, we hope this will help you further with your own plans. So happy planning and stay tuned for more :)!

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