OpenSIPS Summit 2023, T-2 months to launch

The OpenSIPS Summit 2023 takes place on US grounds again, after more than 7 years of being anchored on the European continent. The last US edition was Nov 2015, in Austin, TX.

How did we decide it?

This was one of that kind of quick, group decisions taken actually during the 2022 Summit in Athens. After that first step, doing a community poll, the Houston was picked (with a tight competition from Miami ;)).

So, here we are ready for Houston, 23rd May 2023.

Why an US summit?

As a first post-pandemic Summit, Athens 2022 was a huge success – everyone was excited to meet again with friends, colleagues or business partners.

So why not giving this great opportunity to the our community members from other parts of the world, like the American continents. And yes, this US Summit targets not only the OpenSIPS US community, but the entire both Americas. For example we have a big vibrant community in Brazil too ;).

Another important decision factor was the difference between the European versus American markets when comes to VoIP. And yes, we wanted to cover the US specific flavors here. There are flavors when comes to :

  • the VoIP consumers, so what kind of services that are offered to them
  • the regulatory part (like the STIR/SHAKEN, inter/inter state routing, Fraud handling).

Countdown status

First we need to say here thank you to all the sponsor who decided to put a shoulder here in making this Summit a reality. Without them would have been almost impossible to go for a great city center location, with great food and drinks – yes, all theses are part of the socializing aspect of the OpenSIPS, a built-in part, impossible to ignore.

In terms of speakers, we are currently working in setting up the schedule, we will announce in the next days the first set of speakers, while getting all the derails in place.

Also the OpenSIPS training seems to get almost full – an OpenSIPS front-end with all the US specifics into it, is a dish hard to resist to ;).

The workshops are almost in place, we some new topic like IMS, B2B API, Homer capturing and other goodies

So this looks like a “not to be missed” opportunity – join us to learn, to explore and to network.

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