MSRP Gateway

The majority of SIP User Agents still only support the MESSAGE method for providing Instant Messaging. However, modern Unified Communications(UC) ecosystems and more advanced messaging services, such as RCS(Rich Communication Services), are built on top of Session Mode messaging, which uses the MSRP protocol. With the addition of the new msrp_gateway module, OpenSIPS 3.3 introduces … Continue reading MSRP Gateway

The MSRP eco-system in OpenSIPS 3.3

Yes, the OpenSIPS 3.3 focuses on messaging and MSRP is a key element when talking about messaging/chat sessions. Packing messages into sessions enables the creation of advanced chatting / conferencing services in the RCS and UC world. The MSRP stack The MSRP implementation in OpenSIPS 3.3 comes as complex stack, covering from the lowest protocol … Continue reading The MSRP eco-system in OpenSIPS 3.3

Gateway between SIP and SMPP messages

While the SIP protocol is one of the most popular protocols used for voice calls, the SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) is one of the most widely used protocols for sending text messages. Having both of them offered by your service enhances your platform with more compatibility and flexibility. In order for your customers to have … Continue reading Gateway between SIP and SMPP messages

SIP-I and SIP with OpenSIPS 2.3

SIP-I considerations The SS7 interconnections are always painful. Both as cost and technical difficulty/complexity. So, as a more accessible alternative, the carriers started to offer SIP interconnection via SIP-I (SIP Infrastructure). SIP-I ¬†or SIP Infrastructure (define by ITU) is very similar to SIP-T or SIP for Telephones (defined by IEFT). SIP-I is very powerful when … Continue reading SIP-I and SIP with OpenSIPS 2.3