MSRP Gateway

The majority of SIP User Agents still only support the MESSAGE method for providing Instant Messaging. However, modern Unified Communications(UC) ecosystems and more advanced messaging services, such as RCS(Rich Communication Services), are built on top of Session Mode messaging, which uses the MSRP protocol. With the addition of the new msrp_gateway module, OpenSIPS 3.3 introduces … Continue reading MSRP Gateway

Managing RCS Capabilities with OpenSIPS

At its core, RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a suite of specifications from OMA[1] and GSMA[2] aimed at replacing SMS messages with a richer messaging system equipped with added services such as group chat, message read receipts, file and file thumbnail transfers, download pausing and resuming, geo-location push, to name a few. But what extensions … Continue reading Managing RCS Capabilities with OpenSIPS

OpenSIPS 3.3 – Messaging in the IMS and UC ecosystems

SIP is more than voice and video, it is also instant messaging and presence. Even if the traditional SIP services are more voice focused, the Instant Messaging (IM) gained a lot if importance and traction in the context of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Unified Communications (UC). Messaging in IMS Thanks to the large adoption … Continue reading OpenSIPS 3.3 – Messaging in the IMS and UC ecosystems