FreeSWITCH Integration Video

Over at FreeSWITCH, as an open-source multimedia software, we rely on our community for support. We like to foster that support by producing resources for our community. Whether it is FreeSWITCH tutorials, ClueCon Weekly Conference calls, or the ClueCon Community conference, giving to the community has always been important to us.


We are always excited to work with other open-source projects and the great guys on the OpenSIPS team always have some great contributions to the open-source community. They have become a regular and very welcome presence and we love seeing the updates to their project.

We recently received some questions from community members for more information on integrating FreeSWITCH with OpenSIPS. We decided to arrange a special event with a demo and presentation from the OpenSIPS developers themselves. We advertised this event on our Facebook page and Youtube channel and got an overwhelming response from interested community members. The demo presentation aired live on Youtube as well as offered details on how to attend the conference call on August 31st 2017.

2017, CC Weekly_ FreeSWITCH-driven routing in OpenSIPS

This technical presentation had a record number of attendees and live viewers! Liviu Chircu walked through a demo presenting load balancing techniques using the available platform resources and showing the real-time feedback link between OpenSIPS and FreeSWITCH using the event socket layer. This was one of our highest viewed demonstrations and we were thrilled that the community had such an overwhelming positive response.

2017, CC Weekly_ FreeSWITCH-driven routing in OpenSIPS (1)

This video is a prime example of the sort of community engagement we are building and we were so happy that the OpenSIPS team could be there to help make that happen. We look forward to continuing our work with the OpenSIPS team and bringing our communities more quality content!

To follow the latest development in regards to OpenSIPS and FreeSWITCH integration, be sure you are not missing the OpenSIPS Summit 2018 in Amsterdam. New exciting capabilities are to be presented 😉

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