Be part of OpenSIPS Summit 2019

summit_2019_artworkThere are approximately 4 months left to the OpenSIPS Summit 2019 in Amsterdam and we are full steam ahead with getting everything in place. One of the last milestone (before getting into straight line) was to open the registration process.

So, we welcome everyone, participants, speakers and sponsors to join us and to be part of OpenSIPS Summit 2019.

Be an attendee to the Summit

The OpenSIPS Summit is a great opportunity to get in contact with the latest news, technologies and  experiences in VoIP and RTC.

Are you an engineer, a decision maker or an entrepreneur? The event has a large variety of content addressing you all. The papers are approaching technical aspects, design concerns and challenges,  solution architectures and other complex topics like how to build services and how to take advantage of the existing technologies.

OpenSIPS Summit is not only about OpenSIPS. The event covers the a large specter of the VoIP & RTC ecosystem – projects like FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, Homer, CGRates, RTPproxy, PJSIP, Janus and other – all are present trying to offer a unified perspective over the VoIP & RTC world.

The OpenSIPS Summit is about getting in touch with the real life – the event is a great opportunity to see what and how other companies achieved. You can listen and learn from the experience shared by companies like Vonage, Twilio, OnSIP, Telnyx, SourceVox, OpenIP, SIPPulse, Voicenter, Motto and many other.

The OpenSIPS Summit is more than a conference. Extra activities like Trainings, Design Clinics, Workshops and Open Discussion are boosting our participant’s experience. The fun is also part of our event, with great socializing and networking opportunities – dinner events & boat trips.

So, don’t miss the opportunity and join for the 2019 edition – the registration is now open. You may do individual registration or you can opt in for a Corporate Package with an attractive discount. And did I mentioned about the Early Birds discount? Take advantage of it by registering by the end of January 2019!

Be a speaker at the Summit

The Call for Paper already started and running full steam until 28th of February 2019.

Are you involved in an VoIP related software project? Have you design and build a VoIP system or service? Did you find a life-changer solution ? Or come up with a new great technology?

Don’t be selfish, don’t be shy – submit your paper and share your experience, achievements or projects you had in VoIP & RTC area (with or without OpenSIPS) with the community. Become a speaker for our experts, brilliant developers and fearless users.

The OpenSIPS Summit is one of the most attractive events in Europe attracting a large spectrum of participants from areas as VoIP providers/carriers or telcos due to its broad format that covers talks, inspiring presentations, workshops and trainings. So we are looking for papers to cover a broad and various area of VoIP & RTC.

Our speaker will enjoy free admission to the event, covering lunches and evening events.

Be a sponsor of the Summit

Make your business a part of this year’s summit!

When you sponsor the OpenSIPS Summit, you’re not just sponsoring another opensource project. You’re not just putting your business in the spotlight. You’re not just saying thank you for the code that helps your business succeed.

You’re sponsoring the future of your company…  a thriving community of developers that use the summit to meet and share ideas for the future development of OpenSIPS. One of the most important aspects of the OpenSIPS project is the community of developers who support it. You see some giving talks each year at the summit. Others you see everywhere else, always being part of interesting discussions. By supporting the summit, you support them.

Of course there are still all the commercial benefits of putting you’re business in the spotlight! We have sponsorship opportunities that we can tailor to your needs that include lunches, dinners, exhibitor space, and of course special events like the annual boat tour of Amsterdam’s beautiful canals. By partnering your sponsorship with any of these social events guarantees your company the most visibility.

As a non-profit event, all of the revenue from tickets and sponsorships are dedicated to making the conference the best experience ever. The amount you sponsor directly attributes to the quality of the summit. That is why this year we are asking sponsors to dig a little deeper to help us out. We launched some new and amazing sponsorship opportunities that we would like to introduce you to. There are only a limited number of high visibility packages, so we urge you to act soon if you intend to make your company stand out at this year’s summit.

Once again, we salute our last event sponsors who made a great 2018 Summit.

Looking forward to see you all in Amsterdam, for one more great OpenSIPS Summit !!


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