Be part of OpenSIPS Summit 2019

There are approximately 4 months left to the OpenSIPS Summit 2019 in Amsterdam and we are full steam ahead with getting everything in place. One of the last milestone (before getting into straight line) was to open the registration process. So, we welcome everyone, participants, speakers and sponsors to join us and to be part … Continue reading Be part of OpenSIPS Summit 2019

Introducing OpenSIPS 3.0

You already know the story - one more year, one more evolution cycle, one more OpenSIPS major release. Even more, a new OpenSIPS direction is about to start. So let me introduce you to the upcoming OpenSIPS 3.0 . For the upcoming OpenSIPS 3.0 release (and 3.x family) the main focus is on the devops … Continue reading Introducing OpenSIPS 3.0

SIP bridging over multiple interfaces

There are scenarios where you need OpenSIPS to route SIP traffic across more than one IP interface. Such a typical scenario is where OpenSIPS is required to perform bridging. The bridging may be between different IP networks (like public versus private, IPv4 versus IPv6) or between different transport protocols for SIP (like UDP versus TCP … Continue reading SIP bridging over multiple interfaces