OpenSIPS 3.1 – interim update

We are all traversing harsh times, full of uncertainties. Nevertheless, we are doing our best (and yes, we also feel the impact of these times) to keep you all up to date with the progress and planning of the new OpenSIPS 3.1 major release.

The Status

Starting from the original planning of the 3.1 version, here are the items, and their status, which made their way to the actual release work.

Starting with the items which were already completed:

Under heavy working, we have:

  • Clustering support for Back-2-Back (90% completed)
  • Dialog module enhancements (inter-dialog data exchange) (90% completed)
  • Push Notification (RFC8599) (40% completed)
  • Extended BLF support (70% completed)
  • Call Center enhancements (80% completed)

Still in design phase, but with a hard commitment to get them done:

  • Calling API
  • Script driven B2B
  • Dialog, per-call hooks support

The Plan

Based on the current status, we estimate the have the OpenSIPS 3.1 release (beta) ready around the first half on May 2020.

At this moment we cannot commit for an exact date as we still have some ongoing work, in early stages, which is impossible to be evaluated as work volume. And we do not want to do any quality compromising!

In the next weeks, when all the work plans will clear out and we will have all the date to make a more precise estimation, we will update you with the exact release date. We guarantee you the waiting will pay off :).

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