OpenSIPS Summit 2020 – the September replaning

Unfortunately, these days are not safe days for gatherings. The pandemic that hunts the whole word makes us think of the health risks. The closed borders, the quarantines make us think of the traveling risks. Too many risks, considering that the purpose of an event such as OpenSIPS Summit 2020 is to bring value and joy, only positive aspects.

We run the OpenSIPS Summit for our community, and the safety of the people, of the community, is much more important than any advantage provided by such an event.

So, 5th of May is definitely a NO-GO for OpenSIPS Summit 2020 !

What to do ?

As said, this is an event for the community, so we asked the community what are the acceptable options for the OpenSIPS Summit 2020, considering the fact that we, as core team, are still keen to present and share knowledge about OpenSIPS and, the most important, about the upcoming OpenSIPS 3.1 major LTS release.

So, we ran a community poll, and there were no doubts on the preferred option.

What’s next?

The plan we embraced is to post-pone the 2020 edition of the OpenSIPS Summit for the very beginning of September 2020, hoping that the overall world context will improve in terms of traveling and gatherings. We do not have right now the precise dates, but we are working this out with our host, the Radisson Blu hotel.

We will reach back all the parties involved here, participants, sponsors and speakers to check their availability for this post-pone’ing. No worriers, we will do full refunding for the parties which are not able to cope with the post-pone’ing. Otherwise we will be happy to keep as much as possible in the same formula.

As we will get closer to September, the worldwide context will be again re-evaluated, in terms of risks. If things are bright, we will run the September OpenSIPS Summit 2020.

If the risks are still the same (hoping to higher), we will have no option rather then canceling the 2020 edition, hoping for a better 2021. The 2020 gap will be filled in with some online presentations related to the OpenSIPS 3.1 major release.

We are terrible sorry for the situation, but again, the safety of the people is first in our minds and hearts. We wish you all good health, safety for you and your families; and nevertheless we strongly hope to have the possibility to see you all in September 2020.

2 thoughts on “OpenSIPS Summit 2020 – the September replaning

  1. I respect this decision and its for everyones safety. This gives me a chance to attend to this event if it happens later this year 🙂 so my vote is also for postponing the event.
    I wish opensips team and everyone is safe and see you guys in the summit.

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