How To Proxy SIP Registrations

SIP registration is the process through which SIP user devices (desk phones, soft phones, etc.) periodically announce or refresh their network location to a SIP registrar, for an upcoming period of time. Once registered with the VoIP platform, the device is able to receive calls or messages from other devices. Proxying SIP registrations In some cases, we may want … Continue reading How To Proxy SIP Registrations

CANCEL request and Reason header

Call canceling may look like a trivial mechanism, but it plays an important role in complex scenarios like simultaneous ringing (parallel forking), call pickup, call redirect and many others. So, aside proper routing of CANCEL requests, reporting the right cancelling reason is equally important. How to properly handle CANCEL requests in OpenSIPS? According to RFC 3261, … Continue reading CANCEL request and Reason header

How to avoid plaintext passwords ?

Offering protection and privacy to your SIP subscriber is something you must not overlook. The user passwords for SIP authentication are shared secrets that must be secured on the SIP platforms, in order to protect your subscriber against any data leaking. Usually, when you start building a platform, the subscriber passwords are kept in plain-text format … Continue reading How to avoid plaintext passwords ?