Two training sessions, two projects, one event – OpenSIPS Summit 2018

new-skills-training-sign-301-x-201The OpenSIPS Summit 2018 is hosting in Amsterdam two different training sessions, dedicated to two different VoIP projects – an official OpenSIPS training and an official FreeSWITCH training.

Yes, that is correct and it is a premiere – an official and certified FreeSWITCH training taking place for the first time in Europe!

So, this year, the OpenSIPS Summit will not only gather more Open Source projects from SIP and RTC ecosystem, but will expand with its training opportunities  – more reasons not to mis the OpenSIPS Summit in Amsterdam, 1st of May – just register now and here.

The forth day (4th of May) of the event is entirely dedicated to trainings. Official trainer will run (in parallel) dedicated trainings,  one for OpenSIPS, another for FreeSWITCH.

Clustering OpenSIPS Training

The OpenSIPs Training will cover the new clustering capabilities of OpenSIPS 2.4 . The concept of this training course is to spend the day building from the ground up a fully operational OpenSIPS cluster for typical class 4 VoIP services.

Training content

During the course, the students will learn and do hands-on practice covering:

  • Adding cluster infrastructure to a typical class 4 VoIP system.
  • SIP User Registration clustering for High-Availabilities and Distribution (multiple options)

  • Clustering dialog (ongoing calls) information for High Availability

  • Adding Anycast support for distribution ongoing calls

  • Clustering Presence Support or scaling presence information

Training setup

Training Attendees will be provided with access to a pre-installed system (virtual machines) running the whole setup – each student will have its own system to follow along and get a hands on experience building the final functional product, plus access to a video library of “OpenSIPS basics” prior the event study fundamentals or brush up on their knowledge.

The Students will have to bring their own laptops and mobile phone to be involved in the training setup.

From start to finish, each stage will be lead by a different instructor who specializes in that particular component. The evolution of the platform is incremental, the idea being that the same system used in the previous stage will be built upon during the ones that follow. This will allow the students to see and understand the organic evolution of such a clustered platform.

Basic FreeSWITCH Training

FreeSWITCH Training will cover the installation and configuration of FreeSWITCH. We will walk through making calls, administer various configurations, enable and utilize various modules. We’ll also cover some additional functions of FreeSWITCH such as video call recording, video conferencing, Call Detail Recording, troubleshooting, logging, and interacting with Event Socket Library.

Who should attend

FreeSWITCH Training is aimed at individuals with little to no experience in telecommunications. Experience in SIP/WebRTC is preferred, but not required. Ideal participants should have basic familiarity with programming concepts, and general ability to administer a Linux command line.

Training Content

The attendees will learn:

  •     How to install FreeSWITCH.

  •     How to install Verto Communicator.

  •     Register and make calls between endpoints.

  •     Administer various configuration files.

  •     Enable and configure modules.

  •     Video Teleconferencing.

  •     FS_CLI usage for logs, debug, troubleshooting.

  •     *Gateway Registration, inbound/outbound calls.

  •     *Encryption methods SRTP, ZRTP, and Certificates for SIP/TLS.

      *Topics will be covered if time permit


What participant needs:

  •   Have Linphone installed on Laptop and Smartphone.

  •   May use alternatives on smartphone, like Voip by AntiSip, or Zoiper, or Bria

What FreeSWITCH Solutions will provide to participants:

  • USB Sticks with copies of VirtualBox, Putty, and image with Debian and FreeSWITCH and    dependencies preinstalled.

  • Online Access or Digital Copies of Slides on stick.


Training schedule

Training: 9:00am to 5pm

Registration: 8:30am – 9:00am

Break: 11am  to 11:10am

Lunch: 1pm-2pm Included

Break: 3:30 to 3:40pm


Chose the training session that fits you better and register now here. Keep in mind that:

  • you can attend only one training sessions !
  • the number of seats is limited !
  • you get a 30% discount for the Summit and Training combo !


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